Application Period:
February 13, 2024 (Tue) to
March 10, 2024 (Sun)

YG ENTERTAINMENT and avex collaborate to host "YG x avex Audition 2024" to discover the next generation of global artist!

YG ENTERTAINMENT and avex are teaming up to host "YG x avex Audition 2024"!Known for transcending the boundaries of K-POP and dominating the global music scene, YG ENTERTAINMENT produced immensely popular artists worldwide, such as BIGBANG, BLACKPINK, TREASURE, and BABYMONSTER. Together with avex, a premier entertainment conglomerate in Japan, they are hosting this audition to discover the upcoming generation of international artist!

Notification of First Screening Results

We have sent out notifications to those who passed to the second round of screening.

April 7th (Sunday) Sapporo Venue: (sent on March 25th, Monday)
April 13th (Saturday) Nagoya Venue: (sent on April 1th, Monday)
April 14th (Sunday) Fukuoka Venue: (sent on April 1th, Monday)
April 21th (Saturday) ・22th (Sunday) Osaka Venue: (sent on April 8th, Monday)
April 27th (Saturday) ・April 28th (Sunday) ・April 29th (Monday, holiday)Tokyo Venue: (sent on April 15th, Monday)
May 2th (Thursday)Sendai Venue: (sent on April 19th, Friday)
May 6th (Monday, holiday)Okinawa Venue: (sent on April 23th, Tuesday)

The notification email for the second round of screening has been sent only to those who passed and chose the above venue as their "first choice" for entry.
Please make sure to check your email.

Second Round Screening Results Announcement

The results of the second round screening (acceptance or rejection notices) for all venues were sent out on May 20th.


Born between April 2, 2003, and April 1, 2013

Not affiliated with any specific production company (as of February 2024)

Current residence and nationality are not restricted

Application Period

February 13, 2024 (Tuesday) to March 10, 2024 (Sunday)

How to Apply

Entry must be made electronically via a computer, mobile phone or tablet

Selection method

  • 1st Round:
    Web video screening

    A video of you either singing, dancing, or rapping.
    The size of the video should be within 300KB ~ 150MB.

  • 2nd Round:
    Practical skills screening

    April 7 (Sunday): Sapporo Asty Hall

    April 13 (Saturday): Nagoya Port Messe Nagoya

    April 14 (Sunday): Fukuoka TKP Elgala Hall

    April 20 (Saturday) - April 21 (Sunday):
    Osaka Umeda Crystal Hall

    April 27 (Saturday) - April 28 (Sunday) - April 29 (Monday, holiday): Tokyo Shinagawa Grand Hall

    May 2 (Thursday):
    Sendai, Sendai School of Music and Dance

    May 6 (Monday, holiday):
    Okinawa Laugh & Peace Entertainment School Okinawa

    June to July (tentative):
    3rd Round - Practical skills screening

  • Detailed schedule after the 3rd round will be notified only to successful candidates.
  • The schedule after the 3rd round is subject to change.

Q & A

  • Is there any fee to audition?

    No fee is required to participate in an audition.
    *You are responsible for your transportation to and from the venue, as well as accommodation expenses.

  • What kind of clothing and hairstyle should I wear for the audition?

    There are no particular dress codes for the audition. However, we may advise a hairstyle that shows your facial expressions well for the convenience of the judges.

  • How are candidates selected and what is involved in the screening process?

    We cannot disclose information regarding the screening process, content, or results to applicants. Details on second-round auditions will be notified only to those who passed the first round.

  • I made a mistake / left out some information / forgot to send in my video. Can I enter again?

    Yes, you can enter again.

  • Is there a limit of one entry per person?

    Basically, one entry per person is allowed, but if there is a mistake or omission in the application, you may submit a new entry.

  • What should I do if my contact information changes during the screening process?

    If the contact information registered at the time of entry changes, please inform us of the new details.

  • Can I apply as a group or with multiple applicants?

    We only accept individual applications. Members of a group must apply as individuals, with one person per entry.

  • I live overseas. Can I apply?

    Yes, you can, but you will need to come to Japan after the second-round screening. You will be responsible for your travel expenses to Japan for the audition.

  • When will I receive the results of the first screening?

    Only successful applicants will be notified, which will be at least one week before the date of the second round, but the dates are subject to change.